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Qonnections 2014 - Happy Faces

QlikView Videos - 5 hours 18 min ago
Qonnections 2014 - Happy Faces
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Qonnections 2014 - Transformation

QlikView Videos - 7 hours 46 min ago
Qonnections 2014 - Transformation
Qlik partners share their thoughts on the transformation that QlikView has provided users around the globe, and their own organizations. From: Qlik Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 02:45 More in Science & Technology

Qonnections 2014 - The Vision for the Future

QlikView Videos - 7 hours 46 min ago
Qonnections 2014 - The Vision for the Future
Qlik partners share their thoughts on the vision for the future and the opportunity that QlikView has as the leading Business Discovery platform, with the advent of QlikView.Next. From: Qlik Views: 3 0 ratings Time: 03:20 More in Science & Technology

Qonnections 2014 - Market Opportunity

QlikView Videos - 7 hours 47 min ago
Qonnections 2014 - Market Opportunity
Qlik partners share their thoughts on the market opportunity that QlikView has as the leading Business Discovery platform. From: Qlik Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 02:40 More in Science & Technology

Laughter the Best Medicine

QlikView Blog - April 23, 2014 - 01:20

I have spent the last couple of weeks traveling round Australia and South Africa talking about Natural Analytics and it is fascinating watching the way this subject resonates across the globe. Even though my brain has been turned to mush by the different time zones, as soon as I am on that stage the adrenaline kicks in and I come alive. This is the same adrenaline that would have given me the extra strength to have avoided being eaten 1000s of years ago. So we adapt our innate abilities to help us even when the original reason is largely not valid anymore.


When presenting I use humor and this is another example of how we use our bodies natural abilities. Laughter actually triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. So hopefully when you have watched me present you feel a little better afterwards.





So as we go through our modern life our body is using innate abilities that evolved to help us survive in a very different environment? Well I am not so sure that is completely the truth. Yes of course we are not being hunted down by Sabre Toothed Tigers or having to fight the tribe next door for the best camp site, but we are still to a lesser extent fighting for survival! I admit the chances of you getting a spear in the back as you walk to work are remote but the chances of your company losing a deal to a competitor because you have poor visibility of the sales cycle is much more real.


These abilities are within us and have evolved through natural selection to help us. Why does a bubble chart work? It’s because we can easily spot outliers, things that are different and that’s because our visual acuity developed long before our ability to read and write. Which one of the graphics below is easier to interpret?






They are both a series of lines and numbers but somehow the line graph is much easier to interpret and see patterns. A lot has been talked about Natural Analytics and how it helps us tap in to innate skills and resources, my journey across the globe has helped reinforce my belief in the common sense of it and how it just works. So come on the BI industry catch up or you may be the one that is eaten by that Tiger.



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Natural Analytics

QlikView Videos - April 22, 2014 - 12:53
Natural Analytics
In this brief and engaging film, Qlik product advocate Donald Farmer takes us on a walk and explains the unique Qlik approach to analytics. From: Qlik Views: 537 5 ratings Time: 06:07 More in Science & Technology

QlikView Expressor RESTful API extension

QlikView Videos - April 22, 2014 - 06:59
QlikView Expressor RESTful API extension
Shows how to install and use the RESTful API extension with QlikView Expressor Desktop. Video is a companion to blog entry found here: http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2014/04/22/... From: Qlik Views: 14 0 ratings Time: 09:25 More in Science & Technology

Industrial CodeBox Wins the Qlik Technology Partner of the Year 2014 Award

QV Source Blog - April 15, 2014 - 22:27
Qlik’s Annual Partner Awards Honour Outstanding Achievement and Innovation  

Worcestershire, UK – 16th April 2014 – Industrial CodeBox, a specialist in the design and development of QlikView API connectors, today announced that it has been awarded Qlik Technology Partner of the Year. 

The announcement was made at Qlik’s annual Global Partner Summit, Qonnections, April 6th – 9th, in Orlando. The awards recognize Qlik’s partner community for excellence in one of eleven different categories. “Technology Partner of the Year” is a new category for 2014. Industrial CodeBox, who has been providing QlikView integration-related products and services for many years, scooped the prize in the very first year. 

Industrial CodeBox was selected over and above the many other technology vendors that were present at the Qlik Partner Summit because its easy-to-use solutions have been designed to solve real business problems and make a real difference to the Qlik community. 

QVSource is Industrial CodeBox’s flagship product. It is a suite of over 30 connectors that communicate with a wide range of online services that aren’t natively supported by QlikView. QVSource allows customers to analyse the impact that these online services – such as social media and other channels – have on revenue stream performance, by interconnecting with the services and feeding their data in to QlikView. 

Darren Ball, Co-founder, Industrial CodeBox, commented; “Since we launched QVSource in 2011, we have received hundreds of online recommendations from QlikView users and partners, including being the highest rated product on QlikMarket, with over fifty 5* reviews.  We’re seeing fantastic opportunities this year with QVSource and our booth was buzzing with interest throughout the Qonnections Partner Summit. We are absolutely delighted that Qlik has formally recognised the popularity of our product, and the momentum we are generating in the market.”

Michael Foster, Strategic Alliances Technology Officer, Qlik, added; “Industrial CodeBox designs ground breaking technology that adds real value to QlikView’s business discovery platform. The Qlik global partner network clearly acknowledges this, and I’m really pleased Industrial CodeBox’s valuable contribution to the QlikView ecosystem has been recognized, by presenting such a hard working team with a well-deserved award.” 

More information:


About QVSource
With over 60 partners in more than 30 countries, QVSource makes QlikView the best connected business discovery platform available, allowing an analysis of the impact of social media and other channels on revenue stream performance, by interconnecting with online services, and feeding data that aren't natively supported, into QlikView.

Darren Ball
Industrial CodeBox

Leading Beverage Producer Taps into Business Insight with QlikView

QlikView press releases - April 15, 2014 - 15:00
Qlik, (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in leader in Business Discovery® – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced that Unicer, Portugal’s largest soft drinks company, has implemented QlikView across multiple areas of the business.
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Our CEO Dorian Selz at the Fintech Week in London. In March...

Squirro Blog - April 14, 2014 - 05:47

Our CEO Dorian Selz at the Fintech Week in London.

In March 2014, the first ever Fintech Week swept through London. Multiple venues and hundreds of speakers came together for the festivities.

Business Discovery World Tour - London 2013

QlikView Videos - April 11, 2014 - 06:41
Business Discovery World Tour - London 2013
Some of our customers discuss what Business Discovery means to them, what their favourite part of QlikView is and what they think is the future of BI.... Do ... From: Qlik Views: 137 1 ratings Time: 04:50 More in Science & Technology

Bryony Walsh -- IS Delivery Portfolio Manager -- NIHR

QlikView Videos - April 11, 2014 - 01:25
Bryony Walsh -- IS Delivery Portfolio Manager -- NIHR
Hear Bryony Walsh as she tells us how National Institute of Health Research used QlikView to help them find that needle in the big data haystack. From: Qlik Views: 119 2 ratings Time: 02:52 More in Science & Technology

John Jackson -- Assistant Director for IT -- Camden Council

QlikView Videos - April 11, 2014 - 01:24
John Jackson -- Assistant Director for IT -- Camden Council
John Jackson, Assistant Director for IT at Camden Council explains how QlikView is helping Camden to deliver real differences to the bottom line. From: Qlik Views: 97 2 ratings Time: 03:02 More in Science & Technology

Arturo Dell -- Head of BI -- Camden Council

QlikView Videos - April 11, 2014 - 01:21
Arturo Dell -- Head of BI -- Camden Council
Arturo Dell, Head of BI at Camden Council discussed Camden's big data challenges and how QlikView helped them to connect to backend systems, give results in ... From: Qlik Views: 96 1 ratings Time: 02:20 More in Science & Technology

Rob Butler -- Finance Director -- Zenith Intelligent Vehicle Solutions

QlikView Videos - April 11, 2014 - 01:17
Rob Butler -- Finance Director -- Zenith Intelligent Vehicle Solutions
Get a finance director's perspective from Rob Butler, Finance Director at Zenith as he explains how they embedded QlikView throughout the organisation. From: Qlik Views: 62 0 ratings Time: 02:31 More in Science & Technology

The Associative Experience - Revisited

QlikView Blog - April 10, 2014 - 07:50

The Associative Experience is about the dynamic experience the user has with the BI application. It's about answering that next unanticipated question. It's about exploring data freely without any predefined paths.  It's about quickly finding new discoveries. It is also one of the many facets that makes QlikView unique. Yes, the Associative Experience could be imitated by other software and if so, I'm sure the work involved is not as inherit as it is in QlikView. With QlikView it is automatic. At previous companies I tried to imitate it and it took a lot of work and I still could not get it right. Oh and BTW, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so thank you, I digress, let's continue.


golden.pngI close my eyes, my brain is an enormous database and without any visual stimulation to help me, I ask myself the question: What is my favorite apple?  Golden Delicious pops into my head. Now, even though I know the answer immediately, my mind has collected enough data over the course of my lifetime to process and come to this conclusion. My decision is based on a combination of senses such as sight, smell, taste and texture. Over time, I have satisfied each one of these senses by querying the various combinations of flavors, textures, varieties and colors until I found my favorite. In BI terms, these criteria can be seen as Dimensions – the textual and descriptive component used to find my favorite apple.


The mind is processing various bits of data naturally from its years of information gathering and its surrounding context. It is inclined to ask more and more questions until the user is satisfied that enough information is received in order to make the correct or desired decision.  Note that these questions are not predefined or prescribed however; they are freely formulated based on previous results.


This process is the basis of QlikView’s Associative Experience and part of what we refer to as Natural Analytics.


The Power of Green, White and Gray


I open my eyes…I now imagine I am able to visualize and interact with this data and its surrounding context in a single location, a QlikView application. I visualize the dimensions I associated with the apple: its varieties, colors, flavors and textures. Possibly, another category is available for comparison such as vegetables. Measures, the numerical component of the data, are introduced and automatically calculated and aggregated on the fly very quickly - displaying how many are grown or consumed in each region. I can further analyze this information using a variety of filters that show all related selections while still retaining the ones that are unrelated. At first it appears to be akin to a traditional BI dashboard, but with traditional BI a linear approach to analyze data is commonly used. For example, with traditional BI, once values are selected or filtered, the surrounding data and other context that either may be related or unrelated is lost; removing any possibility of making new discoveries, not the case with QlikView.



So, with QlikView how do I visualize and maintain the aforementioned associations similar to those that were previously formulated within my mind? The answer is QlikView’s power of green, white and gray. By starting anywhere in the application and simply selecting one or more list box values, all other visualizations, selections and aggregations dynamically update based off of that selection without losing surrounding context of the unselected data. Selected data is highlighted in green, related or associated data is highlighted in white and unrelated data is highlighted in gray. I can simply see all other surrounding dimensions and their related or unrelated values based off my initial selection. This allows me to ask that very important next question. Selecting yellow and crisp from the select boxes – not only shows me what fruits are yellow and crisp but also what vegetables are yellow and crisp too – the selections in white. I have made a new discovery.  I have found vegetables that might appeal to my texture and color preference. The power of green white and gray helps guide me to my respective decision as well as prompts me to ask the next question that possibly I did not anticipate – such as which yellow and crisp vegetables might also appeal to my taste.


QlikView delivers the world’s first associative experience. It manages associations among data sets at the engine level, not the application level and stores individual tables in its in-memory associative engine. Every data point in every field is associated with every other data point anywhere in the entire schema allowing users to quickly and easily explore data freely and answer that very important next question.


So there you have my perspective on the associative experience. Tell me what you think.




Michael Tarallo
Senior Product Marketing Manager



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Qlik Announces Global Partner Award Winners at Qonnections

QlikView press releases - April 9, 2014 - 15:00
Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced the winners of its annual Global Partner Awards.
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Financial services analytics: Improve Risk & Compliance monitoring with unstructured data.

Squirro Blog - April 9, 2014 - 09:12
This is the third post of our series on bank and unstructured data analytics that we presented at...

Qlik Announces Free QlikView.Next Personal Edition Download Will Be Available to the Public Early in Third Quarter

QlikView press releases - April 8, 2014 - 15:00
Presenting to over 1200 attendees at its Global Partner Conference, Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer of Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), announced that the Company will release a free desktop version of QlikView.Next via Personal Edition download early in third quarter of 2014.
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Financial services analytics: About 50% of banks are in the market for an unstructured data analytics tool.

Squirro Blog - April 8, 2014 - 08:39
As a follow-up to yesterday’s post and Qonnections presentation on the current status of Banks and...