Paralysis from Business Information Overload

Our brains are made up of special cells called nerve cells. A nerve cell has a bulb-like cell body attached to a long nerve fiber, which is like a wire, and it actually carries very tiny electrical signals. These signals are the information that tell us what we feel, what we think, what we see, what we touch.

Analysts can be Big Data Pioneers

A pioneer is one of the first to explore and develop a new idea, concept or activity. The concept of big data isn’t groundbreaking but it is important for organizations that have multiple data sources and want to use all of the data in their applications. I believe there is a misconception that only large organizations have big data, but that is not true.

We still believe that Business Intelligence gives amazing vision instantly!

As a kid of the 1970’s most likely you read comic books.  I am sure you came across an ad for a product called “X-Ray Specs”. For only a $1.00 plus $0.25 postage you could get your very own x-ray glasses. Not only could you see through walls like Superman but you could view bones in your own hand and see through women’s clothing.  This was probably more intriguing to young boys than girls. But the concept was quite ingenious.

It Takes More than Accuracy

There is no “perfect” dashboard, and perhaps there never will be because of the pace of change itself. Accuracy in your processes and software is required, but planners really need encouragement to embrace BI because it's just as much about their knowledge and intuition.

Predictive Analysis Allows Poultry and Egg Processors to Leverage Market, Customer Data

Visual Data Group Demonstration on Predictive Analytics is this Wednesday at Poultry Association’s 2013 Information Systems Seminar

NASHVILLE, July 15, 2013—As poultry processors evolve, so does their use of technology. And attendees at the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association’s 2013 Information Systems Seminar will benefit from a presentation on how processors may leverage Big Data.

Is 'Big Data' Real, or Jargon?

Do you know where the big data is in your own life? Or even the life of your ancestors? They are gone, but not forgotten, at, which serves as an example of what big data really is, and how important concepts like accurate data enter the picture and our world.


Customer Service and CRM

Jim Harder, Visual Data Group and Alaras


Jim Harder, a principal at Visual Data Group and Alaras, was quoted recently in CIO Magazine.


New BI Deployments Need Formal Program, Well-informed Users

Visualization Insight

Organizational challenges for the coming year continue to be economic conditions, increased competition, execution of brand marketing and the ability to quickly execute strategies by making informed decisions. Successful business performance depends on the conquest of these challenges. Business intelligence software is not enough to guarantee that employees will be able to meet the growing needs of the business to overcome these demanding challenges; organizational structure must enhance the opportunities for analysis.


The Importance of Demographics in Social Media Analysis

Strategically planned marketing campaigns can capture the attention of specific industries or functional needs. Without the ability to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities it is impossible to know who has been touched and who has not. In order to broaden the regional sweep of promotional information, one must be able to visually understand the current reach.

Does Visualization Deliver Insight?

Visualization Insight

After reading an article “Self-Service BI a ‘Win-Win” for IT and Biz” I posted a question on Twitter: “What do you think about self-service #BI? Is it a win-win for both IT and the business?” It led to a discussion of visualization as a tool to gain insight for the non-technical end user.